Video Games to Play as a Family

The family that plays together stays together, right?

Showing off your dance-floor moves, flying through a mushroom kingdom, testing your trivia chops -- this is the stuff of family bonding. We're talking about video games. And with the variety of titles -- from sports sims to strategy, beginner to advanced -- playing together offers benefits beyond plain old fun. It can help kids practice teamwork, problem-solving, and perseverance.

Whether you want to entertain family and friends with a little in-house competition or you just need a way to head off cabin fever, check out our favorite family play-together games.

Wii Games Everybody Can Play
When everyone from grandma to tiny toddlers want a turn at the controls, these easy-to-learn games let everyone feel included.

Excellent Xbox One Games
Does your family like sports, action/adventure, or strategy games? Whether it's Fruit Ninja Kinect 2, PacMan 256, Lego Dimensions, or another top-rated Xbox title, these games test players' skills and keep everyone laughing.

Dance-Off (Pants Optional -- It's Family, After All) Games
Plan family dance-offs or massive dance parties with games that feature oldies, show tunes, current Top 40 hits, world music, kids' music, and more.

You-Won't-Believe-How-Much-Fun Mario Games
If your kids aren’t already familiar with the mustachioed Mario, introduce them to that classic Nintendo franchise with these sure-fire hits that will entertain both old and new fans.

Games for the Musically and Rhythmically Inclined
Whether you have perfect pitch or can't carry a tune, music games are fun for kids of all ages -- and often for the whole family. Check any self-consciousness at the door, and get ready to rock!

Seriously Sporty Games
You and your kids can’t always get out and play, but you can still score big virtual wins with these family-friendly athletic picks.

Test-Your-Trivia Knowledge Games
Here's a million-dollar question: What combines learning and fun for the whole family? From Jeopardy to Trivia Crack, find out who’s the real smarty pants.

Games That Stop Sibling Rivalry
Sibling rivalry may feel like an inevitable part of family life, but games like Lego Dimensions and Splatoon are healthy ways to keep the competitiveness in check.